Ways to Dodge Hacking Attempts

  • Cocoa in the Shell

The biggest threaten for the developed softwares that are connected to the internet is hackers, this is especially true for web based softwares. Application security is vital for such softwares.

As software developers, although we take security precautions, some technical details that we have not been able to dominate often lead to such vulnerabilities. Larger firms will be supported by penetration testing from professional teams in this regard, but coding the software in such a way as to avoid such exploits will save money and time. There are dozens of different ways of hacking a software, we probably do not know most of these methods as software developers.

Although improvements in programming languages, frameworks and various extensions can prevent many things it is always better to play safe. That is when Templarbit comes in to use. Templarbit is a company that offers 14 days of a trial for keeping your company secure from Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. They also have an early threat detection system that monitors your website in real-time to follow common attack patterns and notify you in case of a bad sign.