qlImageSize improvements


qlImageSize just got better ! It now supports two non-standard images formats, WebP and Portable Pixmap. WebP To enable this you must have the library installed on your Mac, if it’s not the case, the easiest way is via Homebrew : brew install webp If you don’t use Homebrew, you need to have libwebp.dylib in your /usr/local/lib folder. All the loading is done dynamically…

Debug a Preference Pane with Xcode 3


Here is a quick tip to help you debug your Preference Pane with Xcode, because debugging with NSLog() is painful and not very productive. So, open your project with Xcode, go to the Project menu and chose News Custom Executable. In the Executable Path field, chose /Applications/System Preferences, and for the name of the executable, chose whatever you want. Now you can put…