Ways to Dodge Hacking Attempts


The biggest threaten for the developed softwares that are connected to the internet is hackers, this is especially true for web based softwares. Application security is vital for such softwares.

As software developers, although we take security precautions, some technical details that we have not been able to dominate often lead to such vulnerabilities. Larger firms will be supported by penetration testing from professional teams in this regard, but coding the software in such a way as to avoid such exploits will save money and time. There are dozens of different ways of hacking a software, we probably do not know most of these methods as software developers.

Although improvements in programming languages, frameworks and various extensions can prevent many things it is always better to play safe. That is when Templarbit comes in to use. Templarbit is a company that offers 14 days of a trial for keeping your company secure from Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. They also have an early threat detection system that monitors your website in real-time to follow common attack patterns and notify you in case of a bad sign.…

Why is Bitcoin Losing Value?


Bitcoin, which is the currency with the highest investment among the crypto currencies, has a very sensitive structure. A sudden large sale or purchase from the Bitcoin market can immediately affect its value. Bitcoin value can increase and decrease with the explanations made by many economists, legal and official decisions.

Bitcoin, breaking the record of the past week and reaching 19666 USD, is experiencing downward movements in recent days.

The price of bitcoin has only slightly rebounded after declining above 15 percent this morning. However, this recovery did not last long and Bitcoin price fell below 12 thousand dollars.

What are the real reasons?

It is thought that there are two main reasons; First explained by Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice President of the European Commission (EU) Commission. Dombrovskis has voiced that Bitcoin is not a real currency and that it is risky for investment. The second reason is that Roger Ver, one of the founders of Bitcoin, made a speech at CNBC. Ver, currently a Bitcoin cash developer, had touched on Bitcoin’s infrastructure issues. At the same time as the speech, Coinbase started trading in Cash with Bitcoin Cash. These two events caused investors to be frightened.

Will it stop losing it’s value?

While nobody can say surely, Bitcoin is still a solid investment for newcomers, especially when it is this low. It is currently at 14500 USD as we write this post according to Coinmarkets so if you made some investment earlier today at when it is like 12000 USD, …

Being a Freelance Web Designer


Freelancer web designer is very easy to find. But it’s hard to find freelancers who are reliable, and you can work consistently, deliver the project on time.


Freelancing has many advantages if you use the communication channels correctly and keep the business in good quality. The freelance employee has a more free working environment than the salaried employee. Because working hours are self-determined, work pressure is also somewhat less than usual work. On the other hand, because it is not affiliated with a workplace, it is also exempt from the pressure of employees and supervisors.


Even though the freelancing seems like the perfect way to work, it is not as it seems from the outside. Most importantly, the freelancers do not have the job consistency therefore the freelancer should often search for more and more jobs while working on a project already. Because of this reason, being a freelancer does not come with an income guarantee, while some periods can be quite busy, some times they won’t make money for months. They might also find it hard to get paid what is worth their effort at the end of the project, if the freelancer didn’t sign a proper contract.

Should you work with a freelancer?

There are some greatly skilled freelancer web designers and developers out there, but as stated above not all the freelancers are reliable. If you need a fast and reliable method, you should either seek for a highly reputed freelancer or a local company …

How To Decompress a .B6Z File Using B6Zip

We all may need to reduce the size of files from time to time. It can be for archiving files or sending them to someone else by e-mail, or using the space of our storage economically. This is what we call a file compression.

There are many types of file compression, such as; zip, rar, ace, arj, 7zp, b6z…

Recently, B6Z files are gaining popularity among the other compressing techniques.

You can decompress .b6z and .b6 files using B6Zip on operating systems Windows and OS X. To open b6z file simply install B6Zip and right click the file you would like to decompress. B6Z is the fastest archive format with highest compression ratio preferred by Mac users.…

qlImageSize improvements


qlImageSize just got better ! It now supports two non-standard images formats, WebP and Portable Pixmap.


To enable this you must have the library installed on your Mac, if it’s not the case, the easiest way is via Homebrew :

brew install webp

If you don’t use Homebrew, you need to have libwebp.dylib in your /usr/local/lib folder.
All the loading is done dynamically at runtime.

If you have Pixelmator installed, its own QuickLook plugin might get in the way.
To fix this you need to edit the file /Applications/ remove the dict entry that handles webp.
Another plugin that might get in the way is webp-quicklook, same thing just remove it and it will be good.
Don’t forget to reset the QuickLook daemon though :

qlmanage -r
qlmanage -r cache

Portable Pixmap

I stumbled upon some .pgm images a few days ago and forgot that OS X didn’t handle them natively, so I quickly coded something to render them. Who the fuck use this ? Well it’s easy, some Linux users.

To make this works we need to register 3 UTI (ppm, pbm, pgm) that conforms to public.image, the easiest way is by following the steps described here.

You can download the plugin here.

PS : Also working on getting better SVG preview.…

Debug a Preference Pane with Xcode 3


Here is a quick tip to help you debug your Preference Pane with Xcode, because debugging with NSLog() is painful and not very productive.

So, open your project with Xcode, go to the Project menu and chose News Custom Executable.

In the Executable Path field, chose /Applications/System Preferences, and for the name of the executable, chose whatever you want.

Now you can put breakpoints in your code and debug it as you normally do.

When you will hit the debug button to launch your project, System Preferences will launch, then click on your Preference Pane to load it and you are good to go.